Thursday, 11 July 2013

Those Of You Who Still Read This!

I don't blog here anymore, I'm over at! Even for beauty posts so please come and follow me there! Thanks for all your lovely comments on here. If you have any questions or requests then just ask!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Smokey Eye

Recently I've been very lazy when it comes to eyes, a swipe of mascara is enough for me. However sometimes I get nostalgic and I whack on the dark browns and smudge a bit of black eyeliner and voila ~ my version of a smokey eye.

I don't think dark make-up suits me. I don't have much eyelid space and black eyeshadow just closes my eyes up. When doing a smokey eye, a sweep a mid-brown shade all over, pack on a darker brown nearer the lash line (and on the bottom lash line) and I add black eyeshadow or black eyeliner onto the lash line and smudge it. I love that the whole point of smokey eyes is for it to be messy - perfect for people like me who get impatient with make-up. Then I just lashings of mascara et voila!

For lips I nude it out. Here I've used No 7 Stay Perfect in Buff which is lovely but a bit drying. For eyeshadows I used the MUA Undressed palette which I love! Sorry that the photos don't really show much, lighting is hard to come by nowadays. (On my cheeks I have NARS Taj Mahal which I haven't put down!)

Monday, 19 November 2012

#001: Beauty Wants

I've been on a bit of a skincare kick recently as I'm really loving the less is more mantra at the moment. I really like only having to apply a bit of concealer and just doing eyes and cheeks after that. I'm not really a foundation girl and I think I only use it as I like trying them out! I'm lucky to have pretty good skin but it can go a bit haywire sometimes. I've heard loads of great things about the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask and I wish I had a spare 30 quid jingling about to splurge on it! I may get it in the new year (new year new skin right?) as my New Year's resolution always involves the "I will look after my skin this year!" statement and I follow it through for about 3 weeks before I bring back the make-up wipes. ANYWAY, they have REN at the Fenwicks near me so I'll let you know if I throw my wallet at the lady behind the counter and lose all my integrity! Another skincare item is the Origins Brighter By Nature moisturiser. This claims to reduce blemishes and anything that says that is a winner in my books! Origins looks like a lovely brand and I really want to get something from them.

The other three are things I've wanted for ages and I've just been putting off. The Enrapture Totem Styler is £32 in Argos which is an amazing price! The NUXE lip balm also looks and sounds fabulous and while you can get 5% off right now it's still a bit extortionate for a lip balm (right? don't weaken me guys...).

The Cheryl lashes and Models Own Blizzard will be making it's way into my shopping basket soon. I've never actually worn lashes but I really want to try some out for events and whatnot! I'm sure something disastrous will happen (maybe a re-enactment of Georgia Nicholson when she gets them stuck together in the books) but fingers crossed I survive. And what can I say about the polish? It's glittery. No justification needed.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

#001: Mini Reviews

I'm really lazy with reviews so I decided to do a few of these ~mini reviews! Let me know if you like this!

NARS Taj Mahal Blush - I remember seeing this in a youtube video and literally gasping. It's the most terrifying colour in the pan. Basically a bright orange that literally looks like someone crushed up an art pastel and made a blush out of it. But oh it's so much more than just an orange. As someone with a darker complexion and a very yellow skin tone, orange coloured bronzers and blushers compliment me much more than a barbie pink say. This blush applies on the skin as a soft peachy orange flush with beautiful shimmer. I like shimmer in blushes as it gives a glow to the cheeks and this one is perfect for that.

Benefit Sunbeam (mini) - When I saw that InStyle was giving away Benefit minis and one of them was Sunbeam I spent a few minutes dragging out all the magazines to find the one with Sunbeam sliding around in the bag. There was one (!!) in the whole stack and I cradled it home. Naturally I still haven't read the magazine but I absolutely love the highlighter. It compliments my skintone really well and just gives this gorgeous polished glowy look. It's not as long lasting as my Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow but together they are stunning.