Sunday, 18 September 2011

Review: Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit

 I'm a sucker for multi-purpose things. I've been on the lookout for a brow kit for a while and when I saw this in Tesco for a mere £5 I couldn't resist. The three shadows are completely matte and can be used as eyeshadows (perfect for everyday!). It also comes with a brow gel which I love and a little applicator thing which is pretty useless to be frank.

The shadows are good pigmentation, but not amazing. However I'm thankful for this because it avoids me looking like Frida Kahlo when I do my brows. It may be just that I don't press my brush hard enough but I just didn't get HUGE colour pay-off when I used them as shadows (except for the last one, the darkest shade is fab). I of course use the darkest shade to lightly fill in my brows with a small flat brush. Then I brush a swipe of the eyebrow gel and it's done. It immediately neatens up the whole look and it's very quick and easy!

I do think even the dark brown is a little light for me. The end of my brows are quite sparse and I feel like it's obvious that I have a brown blob and then lots of black hair after that. This may just be me being picky since when I did it on my friend she said she loved it and didn't notice a thing (however this could mean I should get my friend's eyes tested...)

Overall I'm enjoying this. It's doing what I want and for a fiver I couldn't resist throwing it in my basket of groceries. I really want to buy a blush next time! People say the blush packaging is dated or tacky but I personally love it! It's chunky and ~clicks when you close and all that jazz. Maybe it's just me?

What have you tried from VIVO?

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Review: Burberry Body Perfume Sample

I mentioned on scheine how impressed I was with my Burberry Body Sample. I only found out about it from Fleurdeforce who shared that Burberry Facebook was giving away 45,000 samples for free! When I heard this I dropped my name and address in and forgot about it. I wasn't expecting much, they wouldn't be too extravagant when they have to give away 45,000 of them away would they?

WRONG. I can't even describe this a sample because I genuinely love the bottle. It's perfect to throw in your handbag or even your wallet! It's so discreet and sleek, I am so happy with it. The scent is described as a "fruity composition that begins with notes of fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia. Roses and iris are in the heart, leaning on the base of sandalwood, cashmerean, musk, amber and vanilla.*" Now I am completely useless at describing scents but I will say that it's a gorgeous scent. It can be a little on the strong side if you like to dowse yourself in perfume and it reminds me of some Arab perfumes. However I love that it smells feminine yet sexy. It almost has a mens-perfume note to it which gives a different twist to all the florals.

Would I buy the full bottle? Probably. However I'm not much of a perfume junkie. I'm still wounded by my Marc Jacobs Daisy running out and want to run out and buy another one of that. When I buy perfumes I like just having one, otherwise I'm faffing around about which one to wear and then stressing about why I'm stressing when it's JUST A BLOODY SCENT! It usually ends with me slapping scented talcum powder all over myself while running out, cursing myself for being late due to trying to pick a perfume. Anyway what I'm trying to say is, if I do buy the full version of Body it will be the only perfume I'd use until it runs out, which is a pretty serious ordeal. I prefer having a ~scent~ rather than throwing on whatever perfume I grab out of my endless trays of bottles on my dressing table. BUT THAT'S JUST ME. I highly recommend running to your nearest perfume place and taking a good sniff, having a good spray and then asking everyone to smell you then comment. If all outcomes are good, what's stopping you?

*scent quote from Fragrantica

Buy from here for £42.99 (30ml) or £54.50 (60ml) or £74.50 (85ml)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Review: MUA eXtreme Curl Mascara

MUA eXtreme Curl Mascara // £2
I really needed a mascara so I thought I'd just drop this in my basket with the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette. I really, really wanted to like this mascara but I can't say I do, YET. I find it very hard to use because it's a strange brush! It's kind of straight and then it suddenly curves in another direction! The main problem is that when you pull the brush out there's a massive blob of product that you have to scrape off. I have trouble actually applying it because of the weird brush and it clumps up my lashes!

The reason I say YET is because some mascaras get better with time. Some need some air to thicken the formula which I think mine definitely needs because it's a very wet formula. I haven't applied it without getting some on my eyelid yet! I'm quite surprised because usually I'm very accepting when it comes to mascara. I have very ~normal lashes which can adapt to any mascara wand/formulation but this just isn't working for me! I don't really need curly lashes anyway so it's my second time using a curly brush, but I'm really not enjoying it!

So that's what I think of it! I think if you have very sparse, straight lashes these will be great for you because they definitely thicken, and they definitely curl! It's just a bit of a hassle getting used to the brush. Let me know if any of you have tried this one out :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Review: MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

I mentioned on my other blog and in a video that I got the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette and some of you asked for reviews so here's my two pence. In simple terms, it's my love. I've wanted the Naked Palette for ages and I think it started at £27 but now it's gone up to £35 (you can still get it here). I think it's definitely worth it but as a student I can't allow myself to spend that much money on eyeshadow. So when I saw Lily's post about this and how she found it better than the Naked palette I immediately tried to get hold of it. I don't have MUA in my local superdrug but I ordered it online and it was dispatched the same day (so impressed!).
**swatches from L-R ,top-bottom**

The pigmentation is fabulous and I love all the colours. All the shades are either shimmery or satin, no matte shades (click here to see) which is a shame but for £4 can you complain? There's a wide selection of colours and I prefer this colour selection over the colours in the Sleek In The Nude palette. These have a good mix and variety of colours to suit your every need!

Honestly this doesn't need anymore to say because for £4 it's incredible. I'm so impressed with it! Of course since it's a cheaper brand the shadows kind of ~crumble when you push your brush in but oh well! As far as I know it's a permanent item, but if not I'm going to buy loads of backups because this is all I'm taking to Uni eyeshadow-wise!

Unfortunately the MUA palette is out-of-stock online! Hopefully it'll come back soon :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Model's Own Fuzzy Peach & Top Turquoise
Yay for a beauty blog! I love beauty and make-up and I love reading beauty blogs and watching beauty videos! Make-up is just another one of those little time-wasting addictions I have in my life but it's just so enjoyable! There's something really special about buying a new make-up product and trying it out. This blog is to share my experiences, the good and the bad that I have with make-up! I hope you guys enjoy and you all follow :)

One last thing...
I got the Oct Vogue with Adele gracing the cover. She looks stunning and I am in love with her make-up! New everyday eye anyone?

Her hair looks so lush :O
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