Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Review: MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

I mentioned on my other blog and in a video that I got the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette and some of you asked for reviews so here's my two pence. In simple terms, it's my love. I've wanted the Naked Palette for ages and I think it started at £27 but now it's gone up to £35 (you can still get it here). I think it's definitely worth it but as a student I can't allow myself to spend that much money on eyeshadow. So when I saw Lily's post about this and how she found it better than the Naked palette I immediately tried to get hold of it. I don't have MUA in my local superdrug but I ordered it online and it was dispatched the same day (so impressed!).
**swatches from L-R ,top-bottom**

The pigmentation is fabulous and I love all the colours. All the shades are either shimmery or satin, no matte shades (click here to see) which is a shame but for £4 can you complain? There's a wide selection of colours and I prefer this colour selection over the colours in the Sleek In The Nude palette. These have a good mix and variety of colours to suit your every need!

Honestly this doesn't need anymore to say because for £4 it's incredible. I'm so impressed with it! Of course since it's a cheaper brand the shadows kind of ~crumble when you push your brush in but oh well! As far as I know it's a permanent item, but if not I'm going to buy loads of backups because this is all I'm taking to Uni eyeshadow-wise!

Unfortunately the MUA palette is out-of-stock online! Hopefully it'll come back soon :)


  1. I really want this! My local superdrug is out :( xx

  2. dupes are deffo the way forward! I can't justify spending £20/30+ on eyeshadow, no matter how hyped it is hah! Different story when it comes to foundation/skincare though :/ xx

  3. i really want to try one of these.. my SD never has them! following you :)


  4. Was so desperate to get my hand on the NAKED palette so departed with my £27! Then a few months later... out comes the MUA palette!

    Even so, definitely hoping my SP has this in when I'm back at uni :)


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