Thursday, 8 September 2011

Review: MUA eXtreme Curl Mascara

MUA eXtreme Curl Mascara // £2
I really needed a mascara so I thought I'd just drop this in my basket with the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette. I really, really wanted to like this mascara but I can't say I do, YET. I find it very hard to use because it's a strange brush! It's kind of straight and then it suddenly curves in another direction! The main problem is that when you pull the brush out there's a massive blob of product that you have to scrape off. I have trouble actually applying it because of the weird brush and it clumps up my lashes!

The reason I say YET is because some mascaras get better with time. Some need some air to thicken the formula which I think mine definitely needs because it's a very wet formula. I haven't applied it without getting some on my eyelid yet! I'm quite surprised because usually I'm very accepting when it comes to mascara. I have very ~normal lashes which can adapt to any mascara wand/formulation but this just isn't working for me! I don't really need curly lashes anyway so it's my second time using a curly brush, but I'm really not enjoying it!

So that's what I think of it! I think if you have very sparse, straight lashes these will be great for you because they definitely thicken, and they definitely curl! It's just a bit of a hassle getting used to the brush. Let me know if any of you have tried this one out :)


  1. I lov the shape of the bottle :) It would be great to see before and after shots if you could!! x

  2. What a bizarre brush O.o Pretty packaging though... :)


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