Sunday, 18 September 2011

Review: Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit

 I'm a sucker for multi-purpose things. I've been on the lookout for a brow kit for a while and when I saw this in Tesco for a mere £5 I couldn't resist. The three shadows are completely matte and can be used as eyeshadows (perfect for everyday!). It also comes with a brow gel which I love and a little applicator thing which is pretty useless to be frank.

The shadows are good pigmentation, but not amazing. However I'm thankful for this because it avoids me looking like Frida Kahlo when I do my brows. It may be just that I don't press my brush hard enough but I just didn't get HUGE colour pay-off when I used them as shadows (except for the last one, the darkest shade is fab). I of course use the darkest shade to lightly fill in my brows with a small flat brush. Then I brush a swipe of the eyebrow gel and it's done. It immediately neatens up the whole look and it's very quick and easy!

I do think even the dark brown is a little light for me. The end of my brows are quite sparse and I feel like it's obvious that I have a brown blob and then lots of black hair after that. This may just be me being picky since when I did it on my friend she said she loved it and didn't notice a thing (however this could mean I should get my friend's eyes tested...)

Overall I'm enjoying this. It's doing what I want and for a fiver I couldn't resist throwing it in my basket of groceries. I really want to buy a blush next time! People say the blush packaging is dated or tacky but I personally love it! It's chunky and ~clicks when you close and all that jazz. Maybe it's just me?

What have you tried from VIVO?


  1. This looks like a really jazzy little kit! I always worry that when i do my eyebrows they will be like black blobs lol xxx

  2. I'll look out for this! I've never been a brow person but for the price it'll be fun to try out. x hivenn


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