Friday, 9 December 2011

Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

RRP: £10.99

I remember buying this a year or more ago and falling in love. I bought it because it was £3 off in Boots and I was hooked. The wand is fat and the bristles are short and stumpy. If you're quite heavy handed this might be quite uncomfortable because the bristles are very hard, even I get a tad too close to stabbing my eye. 

I recently got conjunctivitis so I needed a new mascara. I haven't seen the £3 off offer for this mascara in boots in ages, probably because it's quite a popular one now. So I decided to treat myself and buy it. I think it's quite outrageously priced for a drugstore mascara but then again most of Max Factor is overpriced. Aside from the price, it's a fabulous mascara.

The short but hard bristles really get into the lashes and coat them completely. Your lashes are separated and lengthened and volumised! I would like a bit more length though and would say it's a tad more volumising than lengthening. My friend who has ridiculously long lashes LOVES this mascara because it's one of the few mascaras that separate and define her lashes without clumping them together into a tangled mess.

The formulation is great, maybe a tad on the dry side? Your lashes can still move and they're not hard and set into place, this gives a lovely fluttery effect. I personally love the brush and the packaging! The scent is a bit weird but I don't sniff my lashes anyway so I'm fine in that department. Overall I really enjoy this mascara. I will probably buy a lengthening mascara to go with it though...I'm thinking my long-time favourite: L'Oreal Telescopic! Watch this space...

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