Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Waterfall Braid

I remember seeing this hairstyle on tumblr and being totally smitten! I'm quite good at braids and plaits and I welcome a challenge so I did some research and got practicing. I must admit it took 3 tries to perfect and it also looks best on straightened hair (on me). My sister curled her hair and I did it and it looked fab too so! I can imagine it looking amazing with wavy hair! Let me know if you've tried this! Sorry if this "tutorial" isn't that helpful but I'm not the greatest at them :S Also I'm going to #zomgbloggersbash next monday so if any of you are, let me know and I can see you! I'm finally going to meet Kavita :D !!!

First brush your hair and make it tangle free:

Start a plait from your fringe or wherever you want it to start:

Start french plaiting until you get by your ear or wherever you want the waterfall braid to start:

Now when french plaiting take a piece from the top and add it in as normal. However drop the piece on the bottom and pick a piece of hair NEXT to it (going away from your face) and incorporate it into the braid:
(pic 1) add in piece from top as norm (pic 2) drop bottom piece (waterfall) (pic 3 + 4) pick a piece next to it and add into braid

Repeat! Every time you drop a piece it's the ~waterfall! See:

Work all the way round to the other side of the head:

Pin or braid all the way down! I prefer to pin as it looks neater.
And you're done! If you want a video demo youtube it and a whole load will pop up!


  1. omg Shabna thankyou for this! I have been trying to perfect the waterfall braid for months and i've finally managed it quite well- yay!:)

  2. @Hannahh: YAY I'm so glad! x x

  3. Your hair is like a waterfall of black gloss. Do you get compliments on it all day long?

    I like the braid. I wish I could French braid -- I'm rubbish at hair things!

  4. @Alyse: HAHA thank you so much! I do get compliments on my hair, but not all day long haha!

  5. I tried this. It was easier than the halo one you posted! I am determined to do them both though :)

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  7. This is amazing! Really good tutorial too, going to give it a go for my cousins wedding :) hope it turns out this good. Katie xx



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