Monday, 11 June 2012

Review: John Frieda Full Repair Range ( + small giveaway)

pssst! Yes the beauty blog is back!

Shampoo + Conditioner: What I liked about these two were that even though they provided moisture, they didn't weigh down your hair. You still had volume and your hair felt squeaky clean. However I wouldn't say they're groundbreakingly special. While I didn't dislike them, I didn't think they were amazing.

Deep Conditioner: I really like this! It has a very special consistency, it's quite runny. This makes it run through your hair and cover all the strands really well and it's very light-weight feeling. My hair feels really soft and silky afterwards. One of my favourites out of the whole line!

Root Lift Foam: I had high hopes for this. I adore my other John Frieda mousse but this is very different. It's not an aerosole nozzle sort of thing and it dispenses a little at a time. It just didn't do anything for my hair but I imagine it being good with fine hair.

Styling Spray: My favourite of the range! This does so much! It detangles, softens, smoothes, acts as a heat protectant and helps dry my hair quicker. It's a fine mist and is so easy to use. I really really love this product.

Perfect Ends: I actually have two of these now. It just adds extra moisture to places you need it, like the ends of your hair. I wouldn't say it's as amazing as Moroccan oil but it is nice.

 I decided to give one of the Perfect Ends away so if you'd like to win one, enter below! If you're under 16 make sure you have parental permission to give out your address.

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  2. This is actually the best range ever! I love all of them! :) Has transformed my hair :) LaceyLoves


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