Friday, 22 June 2012

Review: Ecotools Buffing Brush

Ecotools Buffing Brush - £8.95 via eBay

I've always heard good things about ecotools but never indulged myself. I liked their ethos and I personally prefer synthetic brushes (as long as they're soft!). I've wanted a buffing brush for so long but I didn't want to risk ordering from Sigma and I also didn't want to buy the whole Real Techniques Core collection. I was surprised to find that ecotools even HAD a buffing brush but I decided to give it a whirl!

I ordered this from eBay and it arrived really fast. First thing I noticed was how soft it is! It's so lovely and it blends products like a dream. It's my go to foundation brush at the moment and it gives a flawless finish. The price is amazing for what you get.

I haven't tried other buffing brushes so I can't compare but someone said that if the sigma f80 and the RT buffing brush had a baby - it would be this brush. Weird way to put it but I understand it!

Overall I really recommend this brush. You can get it in boots or you can buy it online. I really want to buy this set of ecotools brushes for £3.50! Such a bargain.


  1. I have not seen this brush yet :O You should buy the set! It's crazy soft.

  2. I like the EcoTools concealer and eyeshadow (which I use as an auxiliary concealer brush) brushes the best. Their kabuki and cheek brushes are pretty good as well. While they aren't my main go-to brushes, they're still good enough that I put them in my portable makeup bag for touch ups on the go!

    By the way, glad you returned to this blog. x

  3. this sounds really good, have to try it out and i think my Elf powder brush has run its course so it'll be a good time to get it now! haha x

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. I've been meaning to pick this (among other EcoTools brushes) up! I'm really glad you recommend it - I've got to get on buying it!

  6. Lovely blog, Super helpful :)

  7. sounds great
    i'm the same as you - heard a lot about them but never tried
    i will have to now!

  8. I have never used ecotools brushes, but have heard good things. My real techniques buffing brush is amazing and this looks fairly similar! xx

  9. I love ecotools brushes! This buffing brush looks great! xxx

  10. So far I have 4 Eco Tools brushes (, I love all of them, I was so happy to find the buffing brush in one of my local drugstores, as I was considering getting the Real Techniques kit with the buffing brush - this one was much cheaper and works great! probably one day I will decide to get the RT kit now, but for now I am really happy with the ET one :)

  11. Love this! This may help some of you, you can get the full range of ecotools brushes at really cheap, and i found a code for upto $10 off!!! : HWT011 : use it at the checkout and only $4/ £2.50 worldwide delivery!!! Hope this helps, they end up being like super cheap! :) .


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