Friday, 6 July 2012

Dr Pierre Ricaud Winter Radiance High Nutrition Day Cream

I have been getting Dr Pierre Ricaud brochures for as long as I can remember. Their skincare is lovely and their make-up is nice too. However they're not very well known! As far as I know, they're a french brand. I'm not sure if they're popular over there but I find their products very nice quality. A lot of their products are in the mid-price range but they have a lot of offers that you can snag.

A few months ago I found that my skin was very dry and dehydrated. I went rummaging in my mum's drawer (she never uses her things) and found this cream still boxed. It's specifically for moisturising dry skin and it has Omega Magnesium C+. It has an almost balmy consistency but it's absorbed really quickly and makes your skin feel hydrated and plump. It's so easy to use and doesn't feel greasy or too much like some moisturising creams can feel.

It's really helped my skin in the past few months and I love applying it after my toner. It is a bit pricey but I definitely recommend it if you have dry skin! They have lots of other creams for different skins so be sure to check it all out.


  1. great to hear that your skin got better! I have oily skin so this is maybe not the right thing for me hehe

  2. This looks so expensive. I bet you feel super luxurious just applying it!


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