Saturday, 28 July 2012

Essie Fiji Nail Polish

When I found out Essie had come to the UK I wasn't too bothered. However when I got to the little Essie stand I found myself getting really excited and bought two straight away. I bought the infamous Essie Mint Candy Apple and this one, Fiji. I think lighter/brighter colours look better on my nails - I just think it looks better with my skin. I find dark colours make my hands look uglier than they are (I really hate my hands). Fiji can be described as a very very very light pink and I adore it.

On tanned/darker skins it really pops out but it still compliments paler skins really nicely too. I think it's a really versatile colour! I know some people with darker skins don't like it. If you don't like "tippex-y" looking colours then I wouldn't buy this. But if you're a fan of neutrals and pastels then I think you'd really like this one.

You can buy Essie in Superdrug and Boots in the UK or online.


  1. wow thats so white! i think that would look really nice as a dotting canvas

  2. I LOVE YOU! I have been looking for this colour for ages, and just haven't found the perfect one so far, and I'm talking years! So thank you very much for doing this post, and it looks lovely on you! xo

  3. looks beautiful on you!

  4. Beautyful Blog.

    I follow you via gfc, dear. And I would be very happy if you could follow me back!


  5. I really love the way this colour looks against your skintone. Such a pretty shade. xo

  6. Such a lovely colour,I love essie nail polishes♥


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