Thursday, 26 July 2012

Korres Materia Herba Anti Ageing Eye Cream

You must be thinking two things. One - why on earth are you using an anti ageing eye cream when you're only 19?! And two - an eye cream for £39?!?!?!?! Hmmm yes. To answer the latter - I got it from the wonderful TK Maxx (I promise I'm not sponsored by them) for around £9 (which is a hefty saving). To answer the first...I don't really have an answer! Might as well prevent what I don't have yet!

Now I find eye creams strange. I've never seen any effect from an eye cream. I used to really hate my dark circles but no eye creams ever helped. I bought one just because I thought I needed one in my skincare routine! And why not pick up a Korres one, I always hear great things about the brand.

The cream is a pale colour and is unscented as far as I can tell which I'm grateful for. One thing I notice is how quickly its absorbed. You put the tiniest amount and softly massage it in and it's gone! Simples. It keeps my under-eye area moisturised and refreshed! Now I can't really compare this to anything as it's the only eye cream I have on hand. However there's no way I would pay £39 for it. I'd rather splurge on the Origins GinZing! However this eye cream is lovely and luxurious and a great addition to my skincare routine.

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