Saturday, 21 July 2012

Stila Lipstick in Keren

Another TK Maxx purchase. I actually own a lot of Stila and most of them are from TK Maxx! I absolutely LOVE this lipstick. The colour is the perfect nude for me and I love wearing it. It's very creamy and buildable and has a slightly glossy finish. It lasts nicely on the lips and I just really enjoy using this.

Now the reason I'm not going to write a lot about this is because I have a feeling it's discontinued. I can't find any Stila lipsticks in their official stockist websites which I'm so sad about because I love this shade very much! I do have dupes for this shade though but I really do love this particular one.

Have any of you tried Stila lipsticks?


  1. That looks lovely on you! I love creamy lipsticks because they apply so easy. I never find Stila lipsticks in TK Maxx but I'll keep hunting because they look so nice.

  2. That lip color is so pretty love it!


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