Sunday, 18 November 2012

#001: Mini Reviews

I'm really lazy with reviews so I decided to do a few of these ~mini reviews! Let me know if you like this!

NARS Taj Mahal Blush - I remember seeing this in a youtube video and literally gasping. It's the most terrifying colour in the pan. Basically a bright orange that literally looks like someone crushed up an art pastel and made a blush out of it. But oh it's so much more than just an orange. As someone with a darker complexion and a very yellow skin tone, orange coloured bronzers and blushers compliment me much more than a barbie pink say. This blush applies on the skin as a soft peachy orange flush with beautiful shimmer. I like shimmer in blushes as it gives a glow to the cheeks and this one is perfect for that.

Benefit Sunbeam (mini) - When I saw that InStyle was giving away Benefit minis and one of them was Sunbeam I spent a few minutes dragging out all the magazines to find the one with Sunbeam sliding around in the bag. There was one (!!) in the whole stack and I cradled it home. Naturally I still haven't read the magazine but I absolutely love the highlighter. It compliments my skintone really well and just gives this gorgeous polished glowy look. It's not as long lasting as my Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow but together they are stunning.


  1. I never thought an orange blush would suit skin tone like ours but if you say it's gorgeous then I trust you! Might have to give a blush this colour a go.

  2. Helpful reviews. I find sunbeam tends to wipe off my foundation. When do you apply yours?

    Ria x

    1. I usually apply it either last or before blush! I don't wear a lot of foundation which is probably why I don't see this! x

  3. Love the blush, looks like it would really suit your complexion.


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